Rep. Morgan Irwin proposes to send sales tax away for a holiday

Legislator: Rep. Morgan Irwin
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An Enumclaw lawmaker has come up with a way to help families afford Back-to-School supplies and clothes for their children. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

SATTGAST: How about a new holiday in Washington state?


SATTGAST: No, not that one!


SATTGAST: No, not that one either! We’re talking about a holiday from sales taxes!

That’s right – under a bill in Olympia – you don’t pay sales taxes on the second weekend in August for any school supply under ten dollars and for any article of clothing less than 100 dollars.

The idea comes from Morgan Irwin, the newest Republican representative in the Legislature from Enumclaw, who’s also a father.

IRWIN: “I have three kids and I know how expensive it is getting ready for school each year. People are spending hundreds of hundreds of dollars in August, just trying to get ready. With a tax cut like this for families, just as they’re getting ready for school, it puts the money immediately back in the hands of working families.”

SATTGAST: Irwin says a sales tax holiday would not only help families, but boost business and create new jobs.

But it may be a heavy lift to get a public hearing in the House Finance Committee. That’s the tax committee which decides these issues. And when it comes to less money for the taxman. . .

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SATTGAST: John Sattgast, Olympia

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