Rep. Morgan Irwin’s amendment to bring relief to Sound Transit 3 rejected by House majority

The state House majority party rejected an amendment to the transportation budget on Wednesday sponsored by Rep. Morgan Irwin, R-Enumclaw. The amendment was an effort to bring much needed relief to the massive tax increases and quagmire of Sound Transit 3 (ST3).

“Citizens of Pierce, Snohomish and King Counties are extremely angry over the high price tag of Sound Transit 3,” said Irwin. “They are demanding reform. Many lawmakers are hearing their cry for help and are working hard to bring some form of relief.”

Irwin’s amendment would allow cities and counties the ability to opt-out of the transit authority altogether.

“Pierce County crushed Sound Transit 3 when it was brought before the voters for approval,” continued Irwin. “Now, people are furious over the increased taxes they are being forced to pay over something they voted against. I believe that until voters have actual and direct representation on the ST3 board, they should have the ability to opt-out. It is the only way they can vote for their own interests.”

House Republicans brought forward several amendments to bring relief to the citizens impacted by Sound Transit 3. No amendments were accepted.

The Legislature is set to adjourn on April 23.


Washington State House Republican Communications